Virtual Gift Cards

Virtual Gift Cards:

The Virtual Gift Card is available only online on BORGHINICLASSIC.COM

The Virtual Gift Card is valid for 12 months.

The Virtual Gift Card can be used for one or more orders and can also be used for orders with higher values ​​than the Virtual Gift Card.

The Virtual Gift Card cannot be used to purchase another Virtual Gift Card and cannot be converted into cash or credit. The customer can request a refund within 14 days of purchase, only if the Virtual Gift Card has not been used.

The Virtual Gift Card code will only be sent to the email address specified at the time of purchase and can only be used with this email address. BORGHINICLASSIC.COM is not responsible in case of sending the Virtual Gift Card to an incorrect or incomplete email address provided by the buyer.

The Virtual Gift Card can be paid by Credit Card, Paypal and Bank Wire Transfer but not with Cash on Delivery.

Orders placed with Virtual Gift Cards can be returned. The amount for the returned goods will be credited to the Virtual Gift Card.

The codes cannot be combined with other Virtual Gift Card codes, therefore you cannot use more than one Virtual Gift Card for the purchase of an item.

Orders placed with the Virtual Gift Gard are subject to the Commercial Policy, Privacy Policy and Site regulation published on BORGHINICLASSIC.COM

BORGHINICLASSIC.COM reserves the right to cancel or block the Virtual Gift Card for valid reasons, such as the loss or the improper use of the same. In case of loss or improper use of the Virtual Gift Card, BORGHINICLASSIC.COM will inform the owner of the Virtual Gift Card of the cancellation or blocking thereof.