Top prestigious types of footwear processing

Goodyear working

The Goodyear working began after the creation of the upper on. Needle and thread are interwoven between the upper, insole and the welt. It then adds the natural cork between the insole and the sole and ends the processing joining the welt to obtain a single body. This process is very slow as handmade, the artisan in fact pays close attention to details, thus lengthening the processing time.

Norwegian working

The Norwegian working begins after the upper has been carefully pulled on the form and nailed. The craftsman outlines the stitching visible on the outside of the uppers with great care, then realizes patiently at the seams. The seams made for first are those that bind the upper to the insole, the latter those that bind the upper to the midsole after being inverted outside. In this processing, the edge of the shoe is outlined by the midsole which will then be sewn above the sole.

THE FINISHING The application of color is the final stage in the construction and working of a shoe that helps to enhance the valuable work done. The color (either cream, liquid or polished) is applied, worked and stretched in different ways to get unique shades that characterize the footwear and constitute its uniqueness. A finishing process is very unique and difficult to achieve is certainly the "vintage", which gives the shoes look "lived in" and retro.