Shoemaking Borghini

Borghini shoemaker

The historic Borghini shoe shop in Brescia began its activity in 1923 in via Vittorio Emanuele, today Corso Martiri della Libertà, with Pietro Borghini and his wife Olga: an extraordinarily united couple both in life and in their professional activity. Equipped, Pietro with great craftsmanship and Olga with an even more remarkable organizational and public relations ability, they give life to a sales activity of growing success, which combines the high quality of the articles, all rigorously made to measure, to impeccable service.

With Pietro's death in 1949, a second generation came forward: first the eldest son Vladimiro and subsequently, from 1961, Antonio, always however with the direction and the unmistakable human and professional imprint of mother Olga, until the moment of his detachment.

In 1992 the shop moved to via Mazzini 12, in the heart of the city, under the face once called "Volto del Vescovado", where it is still located today. In the meantime, the command "team" was enriched by a new, important presence: Leonardo Lucariello, in the company since 1976 and who in the meantime became a partner. This new "team" brings to the Brescia scene, but not only to it, the new London trend that breaks the mold of the time, making the Borghini shoemaker a point of reference for the sector. The "Borghini" sensitivity and taste are in fact revealed in the choice of prestigious brands: PETER FLOWERS, ALVAREZ (CAMPEROS) and BARROWS for the youth world, and true icons of "Made in Italy" footwear such as TESTONI, ALEXANDER, F. LLI CACCIN and FOSSATI (Silvano Lattanzi), for a more mature audience.

Borghini shoemaker
Borghini shoemaker

Today the Borghini shoemaker has reached the third generation with Simone, who took over from his father Antonio and his uncle Vladimiro alongside Leonardo Lucariello, and continues to offer top quality English brands, such as ALDEN, JOHN LOBB, CHURCH'S, EDWARD GREEN and TRICKER'S, alongside at the best of "Made in Italy", such as the footwear signed ALBERTO FASCIANI (stylist who has been able to maintain the unmistakable lines inherited from the world of horse riding, becoming a reference for high quality footwear), BARRETT, OFFICINE CREATIVE, HALMANERA, VIA ROMA 15.

Another historic brand proposed by Borghini is the timeless CLARKS, the number one casual shoe brand in the world, which is so much 70s radical chic, and then again CROCKETT & JONES, PARABOOT, CHEANEY JOSEPH & SONS. Also NEW BALANCE in decidedly intense and lively colors for the young public and more subdued ones for the adult one and again the most recent KARHU, ISHIKAWA, NATIONAL STANDARD.

Alongside footwear, the shop also offers various types of BELTS for men and women signed ANDREA D'AMICO, TRICKER'S, CHURCH'S and leather bags signed GIANNI CHIARINI.