The most prestigious types of footwear processing and finishes

Goodyear workmanship

Goodyear manufacturing begins after the upper is created on the last. Needle and thread intertwine between the upper, the insole and the welt. Natural cork is then added between the insole and the sole and the process is completed by joining the welt to obtain a single body. This procedure is very slow as it is done by hand, in fact the craftsman pays great attention to detail, thus lengthening the processing times.

Norwegian manufacturing

The Norwegian workmanship begins after the upper has been carefully stretched over the last and nailed. The craftsman outlines the stitching visible on the outside of the upper with great care, after which he patiently creates the seams. The seams made first are those that tie the upper to the insole, the second those that tie the upper to the midsole after it has been turned outwards. In this process, the edge of the shoe is outlined by the midsole which will then be sewn onto the sole.


The application of color is the final phase in the construction and processing of a shoe which helps to enhance the precious work done. The color (whether in cream, liquid or glossy) is applied, worked and spread in different ways to obtain unique nuances that characterize the shoes and make them unique. A very particular and difficult finishing treatment to achieve is certainly the "vintage" one, which gives the shoes a "lived-in" and retro look.